This blog is created as part of KYST+ (Delta+). KYST+ is a network for Danish municipalities facing flooding in dense urban areas caused by sea level rise in their Fjords. Through four thematic workshops in 2016 and 2017 the network will investigate how to create new and specialized solutions that both protects our cities and provides new opportunities for urban development and the surrounding environment.

Clearly, climate adaptation is not a unique problem to Denmark. On this blog we wish to share problems and solutions internationally. Consequently, we invite you to engage in the discussion and help us ask the critical questions as well as provide food for thought and inspiration for new ways of dealing with the rising seas. In turn we will help modify and inspire the discussion and provide a unique insight into the ongoing work in the KYST+ network.

The debate, insights and inspiration might be technical, might be on the human side. It might be fun or serious. Might be factual or poetic. Everything but business as usual.

Let the ideas and discussion flow!


Members of the network


Municipality of Vejle

Municipality of Horsens

Municipality of Skive


Smith Innovation


Facilitating the network and providing organizational expertise

Municipality of Middelfart

Municipality of Odense

Municipality of Kolding




Providing expertise on engineering, water and biology

Middelfart Wastewater Ltd.




Lundgrens Advokatpartnerselskab


Providing legal expertise



If you have any questions or want to know more please do not hesitate to send your inquiry to:

Freja Bach Kristensen -